Com a finalidade de ampliar a multidisciplinaridade artística do Museu da Imagem em Movimento, o MIMO VIDEO ART tem o propósito de integrar um ambiente imersivo vanguardista na estrutura narrativa do Museu.
Um espaço dedicado à exposição de obras artísticas de Vídeo Arte, Ensaio Visual ou Experimental, com o objetivo de divulgar novas formas de linguagem audiovisual, selecionados através de uma criteriosa curadoria.

With the goal to expand the Museum of the Moving Image artistic multidisciplinarity, MIMO VIDEO ART aims to integrate an avant-garde immersive environment into the Museum’s narrative structure.
A space dedicated to the exhibit of Video Art, Visual Essay or Experimental artistic works, in order to disseminate new forms of audiovisual language, selected through a careful curatorship.

1st Edition – 17th September 2022

Flavia Mazzanti (Austria)

Nexum questions how we as individuals are psychologically relying on our inhabit spaces and how we as society are influencing and being influenced by our surroundings. The plot follows the everyday displacements of the protagonist through different urban, public and private spaces, and her way of interaction and exchange with them. A second parallel layer shows in a fictional way the impact of the different realms in the protagonists affective sensation, reflecting on how the interaction within diverse environments generate different psychological behaviours.
Francesca Leoni, Davide Mastrangelo (Italy)

A new species, aborigines of the future, guardians of a rebirth created by a post-pandemic and post-war period, who are once again trying to take care of an artificial garden. The cyclical nature and violence of nature require a last gesture of hope, which travels beyond the artificial barrier, dissolving in an ECO that will never end. Because “The earth will survive, but” perhaps “it will no longer be of the human species.”
Welket Bungué (Portugal, Guinea-Bissau)

An immersive dialogue with the limitations of cinema as a visual and aesthetic discourse. Nature doesn’t need translations. But we do, because we are time and space.